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"Never tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon."

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Behavioral Health/Women's Empowerment Coaching

We live in a culture that can make women feel as if they can do anything and be everything yet....Women graduate college at higher percentages than men yet earn less than our male counterparts. Being a Mom is equated to having another full time job yet women are expected to work as if we don’t take on more responsibilities at home.  This cognitive dissonance can make women feel disempowered and it can lead to feelings of self doubt and inadequacy.  Too often we neglect our own wants, needs and goals to help others find receive and achieve theirs. We are left to fill in the gaps in other people’s lives but not in our own. 


Our mission is to emancipate women from their own limiting beliefs, help them find their voices, own their power and find and operate within their purpose. 

Behavioral Health Coaching uses the theories of principles of positive psychology, and motivational interviewing, and goal setting to assist women in modifying behavioral patterns that may be hindering them from reaching their goals and being happy in life.

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Group and Private Yoga 

Learn the fundamentals of vinyasa style of yoga with detailed explanations of the poses.   What is vinyasa yoga?  Vinyasa yoga is one of the more popular styles of yoga that involves connecting individual poses or “asanas” with deep breaths or “pranayama” in a series of flowing sequences of movement. Each sequence builds upon the previous sequence of poses. Seqences include a range of seated, supine, standing, and balancing poses and forward folds, inversions, back bends and core work.

Private yoga sessions are a great way to grasp the basics of yoga, learn more about your body and work through any injuries or limitations one might be experiencing, and get tailored adjustments.  

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga 

Connect with your body and create a better birth experience!